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2010 What A Year!!

Posted on July 16, 2010 at 4:25 AM

Well here I am again sat at my trusty laptop (that’s what I do when not saving the world from some new disaster) …


Well lots have happened since the last time I sat and did this, ‘Carl’ (our old Gary Barlow) moved on, and is now a DJ in Manchester (it’s rumoured he does Karaoke nights also!!)… ‘Joss’ took the role as our new ‘Gary Barlow’ and is going from strength to strength, we also added ‘Jak’ into the band, as he’s a great dancer, and his vocals are out of this world (he must have originated from my home planet ‘Krypton’, but we are still checking that out with the ‘Inter Stella Authorities’;)


Some of the gigs the boys have done this year have been absolutely mega events, and even the smaller gigs have surprised us with the audience reactions to the boys, and the show. We have made some great friends, and acquired a lot of very enthusiastic fans, which makes all the travelling we do worthwhile…. Now here’s an interesting fact…. We have just had the tour bus (well Mercedes Sprinter van) MOT’d again, and in twelve months we have covered over 41,000 miles purely on gigs…


We did an afternoon gig on the 14th July 2010 at the ‘Ashfield School’ in Leicester, which will stay with us for a long time; the school is for children with ‘special needs’, and I have never seen an audience enjoy a show more, the show itself was a total surprise for them, but from the moment the guys went on stage the kids were cheering, screaming, clapping, and the look on their faces was something I find very hard to describe.


Our guys even sang with the school choir during the show ‘Rule The World’, with their music teacher on the piano, and although it was a key lower than the original, it was gone for fully, and they were very, very good! - Okay, I know I’m going on about this a bit now, but you had to be there to experience the electrifying atmosphere for yourself, as it was probably the most satisfying show we have ever done, and we considered it an honour to have performed for them, and with them on the day… We obviously made their day special, but they made ours outstanding!


Anyway…. Everything is good within the old ‘Fake That’ camp’, the date sheet is fully loaded as usual, the guys are going from strength to strength, and the show just gets better and better… What more could you want?

Chat again soon … as I’ve just seen with my X-ray, and telescopic vision that a young blond lady has her toe stuck in the tap of her bath, and if I hurry, I’ll beat the fire service there to rescue her…. It’s tough being a super hero at times!!


(De Manager)

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