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Christmas - From A Tribute Acts Point Of View

Posted on December 14, 2009 at 7:46 AM

The Xmas period is always very busy for all entertainment acts, but ask any tribute act what they really think of this time of the year, and if they are truthful with you they will say 'it's hard work'...The reason for this is that during the Xmas period the audiences you play before are not really coming to see you, they have not booked to come and see a 'Take That' tribute because they are a fan, they are usually there because that's where their Xmas party is that particular year, and the 'act' is just an extra thrown in goodie...


But this year has been very different, the audiences have really got involved in the shows, they have screamed, sung along, danced like they wanted to party with no ending... On a personal note I'd have to put this down to the success of the original 'Take That', and the hard work of the 'Fake That' boys have put in with re-creating the atmosphere of the original band in their performances. The show has become stronger and stronger this year, and all the hard work the boys have put in is now paying off big time, even the most reserved audiences are going for it big time and getting the 'Fake That Fever' that is infectious to say the least...


At this time I don't know if we will have time to add more 'blogs', as we're so busy, but if we don't.... You all have yourselves a very happy Xmas, and we will see you all in the new year!


De Management.....

The Fake That UK Christmas Tour

Posted on December 11, 2009 at 12:44 PM

Well the Xmas period is here again, and we're as usual visiting virtually every part of the UK in our whistle stop December 'Fake That Tour', last night we were in Cardiff, tonight Maidstone, and Saturday to Herts, busy busy busy!


The new 'Take That' single 'Hold Up The Light' got released today, so our 'Mark Owen' is going to be busy in the tour bus learning it fully for tonights performance at Victoria's as I just got the backing track, and I'm a bit proud of myself with getting this track on the same day the track goes on general release :).


If you are around the Leeds area we are there next week for three dates at the Village Hotel in Headingly starting on the 17th December, we don't know if there are any tickets left for sale, but if there are we'd love to see you..


Right gotta go and warm the tour bus up!!


And a word of good advise at this time of the year.... Don't drink and drive, as you may spill it :).


Take Care all... (Fake That)

Fake That didn't fake it last night...

Posted on November 24, 2009 at 10:54 AM

I always get asked what's it like to be in a tribute band, and thinking about it …… It Rocks!... I mean I could be doing a normal 9 – 5 job, but that just isn’t me. Recently we started rehearsals for a new variation on the show, and lets say so far so good J we have done 4 gigs to date with this new show, and all have topped the previous ones, but as the great 'Take That' say just have a little 'Patience' and I'm sure the show will grow from strength to strength...


As we are gearing up for the Christmas period the ladies in the audience seem to get more excitable at each gig, and with inclusion of 'How Deep Is Your Love' back in the set, we terrorised one lucky lady the other night, as we dragged her onto the stage..... She loved it!!!


And ladies if you think it will never happen to you beware because 'It only takes a minute girl', and before you know it you're sat on our chair and the games begin. With mine and Curts constant battle to out do each other, with our spontaneous 'one-on-one' lap dancing of some poor unsuspecting female, this numbers growing to a peak, and im starting to wonder where will it end, so ladies beware as 'Fake That' are coming for you !!


As you start thinking of putting your Christmas trees up, our van has its very own Christmas tree, to get us in the mood for our mad December peroid. And 'Never Forget' with Christmas just round the corner, and a busy gigging sheet, I'm starting to think of prezzies for the lads in the band, so if you think of any great ideas that I could use just find me in the members area and message me your suggestions, because I have to face it, when it comes to picking presents I need someone to 'Relight My Fire' on the shopping front, because I have to be the worst present picker in the world...


Another question I always get asked is, 'do you get sick of the same music everytime you perform' and my answer to that is a definate no, how can I get bored when each venue offers something totally different, and each audience brings a different feel to the show, we love it, even if it does keep me 'Up All Night' sometimes.


With 'Take That' being back in the lime light with 'Mark Owen' getting married, and the whispers of the return of 'Robbie', the mood at gigs is nothing but electrifying at the moment, and with the reputation of 'Take That', and the commitment of 'Fake That' I'm sure this is a partnership that could last a very long time, as we are prepared to 'Shine' in every aspect possible, and another good thing is 'Take That' are looking like they are 'Back For Good'....


So seasons greetings and hope you have a Christmas to remember...


all my love....



Fake That Bring The House Down - Almost Litterally!

Posted on November 17, 2009 at 12:25 PM

Well another week in the life of a busy touring take that tribute band… Last Friday Fake That were at ‘Sheffield City’ Hall doing a gig for the students celebrating their graduation ball, and to make it interesting we gave them the new show we had been working on for the past three weeks, and it looks like the hard work paid off, as it rocked the house… The students (or should we now say ‘Graduates’;) were very up for it on the night, yes Sheffield is a buzzing and very cool city on a Friday night.


Saturday we were in Lancaster (up north again) at the ‘Grand Theatre’, and what a top night that was. They had put on a young female dance troupe as a support act, and boy they were good, it’s great to see young fresh talent getting a chance in a professional environment. Then it came to our turn and the audience went totally ballistic, I remember thinking (‘woo-hoo here we go’;) …lol


I was doing the acts sound on the balcony along with the lighting guy, and at one point we both looked at each other and said ‘OMG the balcony is going to give way’… It was bad enough during the normal part of Fake That's set with all the girls bouncing around, screaming and singing, but when it came to the ‘Robbie’ section I thought ‘this is it now, we’re heading for the stalls’… But we survived, the balcony held up to the onslaught, and everyone had a very wild night, what a great venue, and a fantastic crowd!


Carl (The Manager)… more to come!!


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