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Robbie Williams To Rejoin Take That in 2017!

Posted on March 30, 2016 at 7:05 AM


It looks like Robbie Williams could be rejoining Take That next year for their 25th Anniversary!

According to sources at The Daily Star "Robbie has agreed to rejoin the band for their greatest hits anniversary tour. He's still not decided on a full European tour but he's hoping to do every date".

Could this mean Jason Orange might be persuaded to rejoin for 2017? We'll have to wait and see, but it's looking promising that all five of the original line up could possibly be 'Back For Good'! Well for the anniversary tour at least!

The tour looks set to follow on nicely after Take That release their 8th album, which is expected in November this year.

This is all good news for the multitude of Take That tribute bands, and of course for the most famous name of them all - Fake That! The new album and new tour maintains the media focus on TT and hence the additional interest in booking Fake That not just for corporate events & outdoor festivals but for private parties and weddings. Also with Fake That's adaptable ability to offer all line ups of Take That's history ie 3 man, 4 man or 5 man shows, means they are the tribute band of choice for the most discerning fan!

To book Fake That for your event call 0845 680 5056

It's a Take That Tribute Band year so far!

Posted on June 25, 2014 at 10:25 AM

Time flies and it seems only yesterday that we were performing Christmas shows for the likes of the IG Group at London's Grosvenor House, and we're now officially half way through 2014, and December is looming fast!

This year has seen Fake That perform at some great nights! One of our favourites was a private fancy dress party at Great John Street Hotel in Manchester, some of the costumes were out of this world!

Also a brilliant Take That Tribute Band night inside a huge marquee at Arley Hall for the Caravan Clubs 2014 National (see main image above). Great people, well organised and an excellent sound and video crew. Shame it was only a live feed and not recorded!

Other Fake That shows have included Chester Racecourse for childrens cancer charity 'Nicola's Fund', corporate events at venues such as Mercedes Benz World in Surrey, and lots and lots of weddings! Here's just a few of the photo's:

To book Fake That for your event, corporate function, wedding, birthday party, private party, festival, or annual event please see our Contact Us page, or our bookings page at Starbookers.

Alternatively follow Fake That on Twitter by visiting http://twitter.com/fakethattribute

Happy New Year from the Take That Tribute Band - Fake That

Posted on January 25, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Hi everyone!

Well its 2013 (doesn’t time fly)!  We’d like to say a big 'Hi' and 'Happy New Year' to all the past and present bookers of Fake That, and we’re looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends of the show during this coming year!

Being a Take That tribute show is a lot of fun, and sometimes can be extremely hard work, but the end result at gigs makes it all worthwhile!  What we can say is that being this particular Take That tribute band has us travelling the whole of the UK constantly, with the odd European list of gigs thrown in for good measure (international jet-setters we are you know :))!

Only the best & most professional tribute bands are dedicated enough to persevere to get to venues even in the worst weather conditions, as we’ve just proven during this last 2012, and 2013 winter spell, but even we have to admit sometimes it got a bit scary, and cold brrr!  The funny thing is that our Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Jason Orange, Howard Donald, and Mark Owen all still talk to each other even after all the time they’ve just spent together travelling to gigs, and digging the Fake That tour bus out of snowdrifts :)!

But thankfully the summer is coming, and the T-shirts & shorts are being unpacked, as when you’re in a Take That tribute act it’s always best to be prepared (we used to be boy-scouts you know)!  So we’re looking forward to seeing all our old friends, and making some nice new ones during this coming year!

Right we have to go for now, so you lot take care, and we’ll hopefully see you all very soon!

De Manager…


Fake That perform to TV Celebrity Lorraine Kelly

Posted on July 17, 2012 at 11:35 AM

The Mecca Bingo theme continues for Fake That after they performed to a particular well known Television Presenter!

Fake That were very pleased to see and meet non other than ITV Daybreak presenter Lorraine Kelly at one of their recent shows!

It was the launch of the new Mecca Bingo Glasgow Forge on 25th May 2012, where after another staggering performance the Take That tribute band posed for photographs with the much loved TV celebrity!

Said the boys "It was great to meet her, she was lovely"! 

Looks like you've got five extra viewers to your TV show Lorraine!!

Fake That at Mecca Bingo Bolton - 27th April 2012

Posted on April 30, 2012 at 8:15 AM

Well what a shock that night was!! … At a bingo club you kind of expect the audience to be a bit reserved and laid back, but not in Bolton woo hoo!


From the point we started the show about 500 women went totally nuts, and so did the handful of guys too (but the guys were a bit outnumbered to say the least) …. It ended up with stage invasions, screaming, fainting, and even me becoming a security person during the show (I was so scared lol)


But I must give the audience in Bolton their due, and say they really know how to party hard and enjoy themselves, and the boys on stage loved it too! … And a big thanks to all the staff and management at the venue, as they are so very friendly and helpful, which makes performing there a real treat…


We have another Mecca Bingo gig coming up in Rochdale on the 14th July 2012, so I think my next move is to get on ebay, and search for some riot gear for the night!!  :)

De Manager

*To see all the images of Fake That performing at Mecca Bingo Bolton see the photo gallery page.

Fake That at the BJN Awards

Posted on April 2, 2012 at 10:45 AM

I'm Back!! ..... I'd like to say a big thanks to all the people involved with the 'BJN' Awards (British Journal of Nursing) held at the 'Landmark Hotel' in London on Friday 30th March 2012.


From the organisers, right through to the hotel staff, who all made us feel very welcome on the night, and a special thanks to 'Glenn Hughes' and his team from 'Hughes Productions' for the terrific project management role they performed on the night...


And also to the undercover Police motorcycle officer I was chatting to outside the Landmark Hotel, who was part of a covert team just about to bust an international drugs cartel (I could say his name, but I think I'd be arrested, or shot) ....


Central London.... Don't you just love it... lol

De Manager!!

* To see photo's of Fake That performing at the 2012 BJN Awards click the photo above or click here

A Warning To All Potential Bookers Of Our Shows!

Posted on November 11, 2011 at 7:40 PM

Recent events have brought me back here to warn anyone interested in booking ‘Fake That’ for any event, to be very careful that you get the real act, as there is an impostor out there pretending to be us!

The impostor is someone who is based in Manchester, and it’s been proven that he has sold a Take That tribute show to many venues using the name of ‘Fake That’. This misrepresentation isn’t fair to the customer that books this show in good faith, as our act is the one that’s built the awesome reputation it has in the entertainment industry today.

Legal proceedings are in place against this person as I write this, and very soon justice will be done. In reality he’s just a bit of a wannabe ‘Del Boy Trotter’, but not as entertaining as the original, which is much the same as can be said with the show he puts out as us…

Please remember that the only place the real ‘Fake That’ show can be booked from is ‘Star Bookers’, as they are the show’s ‘sole booking agency’…

A rather serious entry from me … (but I’m sooooo angry grrrrr :))

De Manager!!

Comic Relief and Fake That!

Posted on February 9, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Well I’ve not been here for some time (busy, busy saving the world and stuff like that) … Where to start?? … Ah yes, ‘Comic Relief’…


It was announced recently that ‘David Walliams’ was going to do a ‘Take That’ tribute on the ‘live’ show with the real ‘Take That’, and guess what he’s calling his tribute band…. ‘Fake That’… Now what do I do, do I kick off about it, or do I treat it as a compliment…. (Thinking)


Well we could treat it as a compliment, after all its national TV, and for a great cause, but then again do people from that point onwards think we’ve ripped his idea off… (Difficult one)


Needless to say, as ‘The Manager’ I am now instigating talks with ‘Comic Relief’ regarding this issue, as there are always compromises to be addressed in these situations…. Now what I think would be great is if on the ‘live’ show the real ‘Take That’ starts a three track mix, then our ‘Fake That’ joins them on stage for the second song, then ‘David Walliams’ ‘Fake, Fake That’ joins both acts for the third song…. I can see it now…’Rule The World’ (Take That)…. ‘Relight My Fire’ (Fake That)… ‘Could It Be Magic’ (Fake, Fake That)… Then we could all do the dance routines together woo hoo…

Ah well, even ‘The Manager’ can dream :)


I will keep you informed of ongoing ‘negotiations’ as they happen…. I wonder who ‘Doctor Who’ is going to be?


Talk soon…

De Manager!!

Our Gary Barlow and The Press!

Posted on January 26, 2010 at 1:50 PM

We recently had a young lady call our agents ‘Dansatak’ in a bit of a panic regarding something she said she had read in the press! … She was booking ‘Fake That’ for her friends hen night, and was very worried, as she’d heard that our ‘Gary Barlow’ had walked out on the show to go solo… (Isn’t it Robbie that’s supposed to do that?)


But we reassured her that all was well with ‘Fake That’, and that our ‘Gary Barlow’ (aka) ‘Carl Hyland’ was still with us…. Which is a good thing, as it stops us having to ‘genetically alter’ some other poor Manchester male into the guise of ‘Mr Barlow’ (as genetic alteration of Manchester males costs a small fortune you know!!)


So rest assured, all is well in the ‘Fake That’ camp…


De Manager….

Christmas - From A Tribute Acts Point Of View

Posted on December 14, 2009 at 7:46 AM

The Xmas period is always very busy for all entertainment acts, but ask any tribute act what they really think of this time of the year, and if they are truthful with you they will say 'it's hard work'...The reason for this is that during the Xmas period the audiences you play before are not really coming to see you, they have not booked to come and see a 'Take That' tribute because they are a fan, they are usually there because that's where their Xmas party is that particular year, and the 'act' is just an extra thrown in goodie...


But this year has been very different, the audiences have really got involved in the shows, they have screamed, sung along, danced like they wanted to party with no ending... On a personal note I'd have to put this down to the success of the original 'Take That', and the hard work of the 'Fake That' boys have put in with re-creating the atmosphere of the original band in their performances. The show has become stronger and stronger this year, and all the hard work the boys have put in is now paying off big time, even the most reserved audiences are going for it big time and getting the 'Fake That Fever' that is infectious to say the least...


At this time I don't know if we will have time to add more 'blogs', as we're so busy, but if we don't.... You all have yourselves a very happy Xmas, and we will see you all in the new year!


De Management.....

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