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Comic Relief and Fake That!

Posted on February 9, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Well I’ve not been here for some time (busy, busy saving the world and stuff like that) … Where to start?? … Ah yes, ‘Comic Relief’…


It was announced recently that ‘David Walliams’ was going to do a ‘Take That’ tribute on the ‘live’ show with the real ‘Take That’, and guess what he’s calling his tribute band…. ‘Fake That’… Now what do I do, do I kick off about it, or do I treat it as a compliment…. (Thinking)


Well we could treat it as a compliment, after all its national TV, and for a great cause, but then again do people from that point onwards think we’ve ripped his idea off… (Difficult one)


Needless to say, as ‘The Manager’ I am now instigating talks with ‘Comic Relief’ regarding this issue, as there are always compromises to be addressed in these situations…. Now what I think would be great is if on the ‘live’ show the real ‘Take That’ starts a three track mix, then our ‘Fake That’ joins them on stage for the second song, then ‘David Walliams’ ‘Fake, Fake That’ joins both acts for the third song…. I can see it now…’Rule The World’ (Take That)…. ‘Relight My Fire’ (Fake That)… ‘Could It Be Magic’ (Fake, Fake That)… Then we could all do the dance routines together woo hoo…

Ah well, even ‘The Manager’ can dream :)


I will keep you informed of ongoing ‘negotiations’ as they happen…. I wonder who ‘Doctor Who’ is going to be?


Talk soon…

De Manager!!

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