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A Warning To All Potential Bookers Of Our Shows!

Posted on November 11, 2011 at 7:40 PM

Recent events have brought me back here to warn anyone interested in booking ‘Fake That’ for any event, to be very careful that you get the real act, as there is an impostor out there pretending to be us!

The impostor is someone who is based in Manchester, and it’s been proven that he has sold a Take That tribute show to many venues using the name of ‘Fake That’. This misrepresentation isn’t fair to the customer that books this show in good faith, as our act is the one that’s built the awesome reputation it has in the entertainment industry today.

Legal proceedings are in place against this person as I write this, and very soon justice will be done. In reality he’s just a bit of a wannabe ‘Del Boy Trotter’, but not as entertaining as the original, which is much the same as can be said with the show he puts out as us…

Please remember that the only place the real ‘Fake That’ show can be booked from is ‘Star Bookers’, as they are the show’s ‘sole booking agency’…

A rather serious entry from me … (but I’m sooooo angry grrrrr :))

De Manager!!

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